In this Thanksgiving-themed episode of The Jabsteps, Peck and Pane debut a new segment of the show and ask the really hard questions like, does Dr. Geoff Peck even know about DragonBall Z and everything Prince Vegeta’s endured? The profs discuss the early success of the New York Knicks and the catastrophic failure of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

PLUS: What’s the connection between John Starks and LaVar Ball?

067: Can You Name More Professional Wrestlers Than DeAndre Jordan? 
The profs are back to discuss the ongoing Eric Bledsoe saga and his potential landing spots. They also debate whether or not we should actually care about the Cavs slow start while Sal finds every conceivable way to talk about his Knicks.

PLUS: It’s thesis workshop time

PLUS PLUS PLUS: CLIPPER MANIA!!! and the DeAndre Jordan challenge.

066: How Kyle Singler Introduced Cupping Therapy to Russell Westbrook
After an EXPLOSIVE first week of NBA action, Professors Peck and Pane regroup to tackle the wide ranging effects of the Hayward injury, what the Cavs’ prospects are now that Jose Calderon is their only true point guard, why BIG WILLY STYLE’s riding the pine behind Kyle O’Quinn, and how shocked we should be by the Mirotic/Portis brawl.

Topics also include Giannis’ value in fantasy leagues, if Geoff thinks the Wii can play 2017 video games, and why Jeremy Lin missing another season is the best news for the Cavs this week.

PLUS: How exactly did Kyle Singler introduce Russ to cupping?

NOTE: We apologize for the slight echo throughout the show. We’ll have that fixed by next episode.

065: Midwest Pizza Is Trash and So Are You
The profs are back in session to recap the preseason and deep dive the craziest over/unders straight out of Las Vegas. Peck and Pane cover Embiid’s contract, the hopes of the Utah Jazz, whether or not the Lakers are playoff bound, and if Carmelo Anthony’s jersey will be retired in MSG.

PLUS: Can Dr. Geoff Peck rock a Slappers Only fourway in Goldeneye?

064: Happy Russell Westbrook Day, Sal, or The Perpetual Summer of Sam (Presti)
The Profs are back to discuss Russell Westbrook signing the largest contract in NBA History and what it means long term for the Thunder.

They also dissect the NBA Draft Lottery reform, the watchability of the NBA preseason, and Kawhi’s quad.

PLUS: A deep dive into the Dallas Mavericks’ locker room amenities.

The professors kick off SEASON 3 OF THE JABSTEPS with a Carmelo Anthony spectacular! Peck and Pane deep dive the blockbuster trade sending the Knicks’ 10-time all star to OKC for Kanter + garbage. How depressed is Sal? How elated is Geoff? Can the Thunder reach the 2 seed in the West, and, more importantly, can they become a real threat to the Warriors?

PLUS: Does Geoff know anything about WWE’S NO MERCY?

Emergency Episode 005: Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas
THE NBA NEVER SLEEPS! A crazy summer is topped off by Cleveland dealing Uncle Drew for Isaiah, Crowder, Zizic, and, most importantly, Brooklyn’s 2018 pick. Who won the trade? How crazy will the Eastern Conference Finals be? Does this impact Cavs Dubs 4? How does this affect the NEW YORK KNICKS? Did Dr. Geoff Peck watch Summer Slam?

All this, AND MORE.

062: Kyrie vs Bron or Melo vs OKC or Dr. Geb Peck vs Sal
It’s been a huge few weeks in NBA news, and the professors are back post-move and Japan to break down the Kyrie/Bron Bron drama, if the Derrick Rose signing is lowkey good or lowkey terrible, whether there’s fire under the Melo-to-OKC smoke, and more.

What will Boston tweet the moment a team trades for Kyrie? How did Indy not extract more for PG13? Why are the Knicks so infinitely incompetent?

PLUS: Discover the secret trauma that gave birth to the greatest public feud in Jabsteps history.

061: Paul George and Boston’s Eternal Ponzi Scheme
The professors reunite post and mid-travel to discuss the bombshell week in NBA free agency. Will Sal find a way to crap on the universally praised Paul George trade? How exactly will Chris Paul and James Harden work together on the Rockets? Does D’Antoni really want a reunion with Melo in Houston? And how did Sal react in Tokyo upon hearing the news that Jimmy D and the Straight Shot canned Eleven Rings himself?

PLUS: Why is Boston trash?


059: Salvatore Pane Returns from Iceland to Weigh in on These Awful NBA Finals
Salvatore’s back from Iceland! The profs breakdown the disappointing NBA Finals while Sal irons his shirt for a wedding.

Is this the inevitable outcome for the next four years? Is there anything the Cavs can do this offseason? And is KD, or is he not, to blame for this entire debacle.

058: How Much Is There Actually to Say About These NBA Finals?
Dr. Brad Fest joins the pod again to talk about the lackluster NBA Finals. Is this a mere repeat of last year, or are we on the precipice of an NBA Hellscape?

057: Jabsteps Book Review with Dr. Brad Fest! Return of the King (LeBron not Tolkien)
As part of the Finals preview, the Jabsteps review Windhorst and McMenamin’s Return of the King and discuss what this Finals means historically for LeBron and the Cavs versus Steph, KD and the Warriors.

056: Is Fultz and Ball to Boston and LA Really a Sure Thing?
This week, the professors sidestep the comatose Conference Finals and dive into the draft and a series of recent player opt outs. Would Boston trade their draft pick for Kristaps? Is Magic Johnson 100% onboard with Lonzo Ball and his father? Can the Knicks squeak out of this draft with Monk, Smith, or Ntilikina?

Then, the guys discuss where Lowry and Millsap might land and whether or not Scottie Pippen’s better than Kyrie Irving.

PLUS: What does the Nature Boy Ric Flair think of LaVar Ball?

055: Zaza Sullies the WCF But Kristaps Saves MSG (And Harden’s Still MIA)
Joining the profs this week is poet/critic Bradley J. Fest who helps breakdown Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the Kawhi injury, and the long term impact of James Harden’s ghost job in Game 6 of the Western Semis.

The trio also delves into the NBA Draft Lottery and the issue of tanking versus culture building.


054: If You’re Disappointed in the Playoffs, Just Blame KD
Amid rancor surrounding the opening rounds of the playoffs, the profs discuss the entertainment value thus far and look ahead to the historic payoff of Dubs-Cavs III.

Peck and Pane then move into discussing the off-court news surrounding the futures of Kyle Lowry and Blake Griffin, and the Twitter habits of Pane’s son, Kristaps.

PLUS: A breakdown of Ice Cube’s BIG3 rosters!

053: The Undisputed King of the Jabsteps: James Harden!
As the second round of the playoffs begin, the profs deep dive the Spurs Rockets series and try to figure out what exactly makes this Houston team so effective.

Then, Peck and Pane examine the fallen Clippers, imagine trade destinations for Chris Paul and Blake, and quickly recap Cavs/Raps and Bos/Atl. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to hear Dr. Geoff Peck’s IPA philosophy, now’s the time.

PLUS: What does Oklahoma City have to do to become relevant?

In Episode 52, Geoff and Sal review Cavs/Pacers, Thunder/Rockets, Bulls/Celtics, and more. The profs discuss whether or not Kobe Westbrook and his 43 shots drowned the Thunder in Houston, just how badly LeBron stomped on the hearts of the nonexistent Pacer fanbase, and if Robin Lopez is the greatest post-up center in NBA history.

Then, they deep dive Pacer ticket prices, fantasize about Cavs/Bucks, and break down Boston’s postseason moves if they get swept as a 1 seed.

PLUS: Did Tarver survive Russ’ big fourth quarter?

051: Everyone’s Played a Game: Let’s Overreact
The professors are back to overreact to all the Game 1 action over the weekend and look ahead to the games this week.

They also examine the Rockets deconstruction of Russ and the Thunder, and discuss the fallout over Charles Barkley’s comments about Isaiah Thomas following the tragic death of his sister.

PLUS: Rock N’ Jock Playoff rules?! and Geoff is forced to respond to a question about LaVar Ball for the first time.

050: NBA Playoff Preview
The profs are back in session to predict the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Will they disagree? Will they pick upsets? Will they debate Harden/Westbrook for the 100th time? Absolutely.

The guys tackle Clips/Jazz, Thunder/Rockets, a potential Cavs/Warriors 3, and much, much more.

PLUS: Can Sal last 56 minutes without mentioning the Knicks?

049: Brackets and Playoffs and IPAs
The professors return to discuss the Jabsteps Tournament Challenge and the NBA Playoffs. They also revisit the MVP race after Russell Westbrook’s monster week and play Real or Desert of the Real? with the Kyrie Irving Earth is Flat thing that won’t go away. Oh, and Sal’s more excited about Wrestlemania than the Final Four.

PLUS: People who eat sushi and drink espresso vs. those who prefer cubans and IPAs.

048: Russel Westbrook Is Not Winning MVP
Guys, look. It’s not happening. He’s not winning the MVP. They’re 36-29. Let it go, fam. Let it go.

047: Kevin Durant’s Injury: A Rorschach Test for the NBA Fan
This week, the professors discuss Kevin Durant’s injury in terms of Golden State’s playoff run and the NBA fan’s reaction to the news.

They also break down the numerous trades/acquisitions made around the deadline and LeBron James’ walk-reading habits.


Emergency Episode 004: Boogie NOLA + All-Star Recap
It’s an emergency episode of The Jabsteps, and the profs are in session breaking down the winners and losers of the Boogie-to-Pelicans trade. Did Vivek and Vlade get robbed? Can AD and Cousins co-exist? Why didn’t Boston offer up a better package? Can Gentry really coach these guys?

PLUS: An All-Star recap focused on Chris Bosh playing guitar.

046: James Dolan’s Very Bad All-Star Weekend
This week, the professors dissect the Charles Oakley incident and deep dive the ramifications for James Dolan, the Knicks, Carmelo, Phil, and even Latrell Sprewell and Michael Jordan.

Then, they debate whether or not the Oklahoma City fanbase went overboard during KD’s homecoming and if booing former All-Stars is a good look for any NBA city.

Most importantly–AN NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND PREVIEW! The guys deep dive Arne Duncan, Win Butler, Guy Fieri, Kristaps, Kaminsky, GR3, and more.

PLUS: What’s JB Smoove up to anyway?

045: David James Keaton: Creator of the Eurostep
This week, the professors discuss LeBron v Chuck, the unexpected rise of the Celtics-Wizards feud, and somehow windup talking Melo trade once again.

The profs play Real or Desert of the Real? with Dwight Howard’s return to Houston and project more wrestling theme songs onto NBA players.

PLUS: Did David James Keaton create the Eurostep?

044: I’ve Got Three Letters for Ya: DNP
This week, the professors analyze Westbrook’s All-Star snub and what exactly the Knicks can do to advance the franchise if Melo’s unwilling to waive his no trade clause.

The profs talk expansion to Mexico City and Seattle and break down LeBron’s recent comments about needing a backup PG.

PLUS: Can Geoff recognize Hulk Hogan’s theme song?

043: Eastern Conference All-Stars
The profs are back for the second time this week picking their selections for the Eastern Conference All-Star team. Will they fight over Carmelo, Porzingis, or Paul George? Absolutely.

Beyond All-Star Weekend, Peck and Pane search for conspiracies in the Cousins contract story, follow up the Derrick Rose no call/no show saga, and deep dive Joel Embiid’s Twitter feed.

PLUS: Why does Dr. Geoff Peck despise Latvia?

042: Western Conference All-Stars
In this episode, the professors announce their picks for the Western Conference All-Star starters and reserves. Peck and Pane debate the merits of Zaza Pachulia, which Warrior will be the fourth man out, if Gobert or Hayward can make it in, and why the fans are wrong for voting in Steph over Russ.

In addition to their picks, the guys break down Derrick Rose ghosting on the Knicks, the ascension of RON BAKER, what Pablo Prigioni’s retirement means for the league, and why Joel Embiid’s the realest dude in the Philly.

PLUS: Who’s Sacramento dumping on this time?

041: Ranking 49 Point Guards
The professors are back in session after the holiday lull to break down the emerging Kyle Korver trade, the Knicks’ implosion, Harden vs. Westbrook, and more.

This week, Peck and Pane ask tough questions about overshooting your shot, Joel Embiid’s Twitter, a dubious band of 49 point guards, and dropping trou in this dysotpian pantopicon.

PLUS: The thrilling conclusion to Geb Peck’s ill-fitting suit chronicles!

040: Christmas Preview
The professors are back to discuss this year’s slate of Christmas Day games, Nerlens Noel, and Skip Bayless, who gave himself a pep-talk through social media over the weekend. PLUS in light of the awful Tim Duncan retirement t-shirt, the guys take a moment to reflect on their own worst outfits.

039: I Don’t Understand Your Question, and I Won’t Respond to It
This week, Peck and Pane return to highlight Klay Thompson’s 60 point barrage and LeBron James taking a steaming dump at halfcourt in Madison Square Garden. The profs discuss whether or not you’re better as the 4/5 seed or a bottom-feeder tank team, the Pacers’ nonexistent fanbase, what’s wrong with the Timberwolves, and how many hours Sal’s logged into Final Fantasy XV.

PLUS: Dr. Geb and Sal name two new enemies of the podcast.

038: Protecting the Brand
Peck and Pane are back to discuss the latest developments with Greg Monroe, the MVP/Playoff race between Russell Westbrook and James Harden, and the Dubs recent win streak. PLUS the guys breakdown NBA and Mario 2 player comps, and the Cavs/Undertaker photo op sans LeBron.

037: The Election
The professors return after an election-induced hiatus to unpack their anxiety about recording a joke-filled NBA podcast after what happened last Tuesday. The guys contrast the NBA’s reaction to the election with the NFL’s before deep-diving Phil Jackson’s garbage remarks about LeBron’s business partners, friends, and family.

Then, Peck and Pane turn toward actual basketball and ask which teams are underperforming and which are over-performing ten games into the season. They also introduce WORKSHOPPING THESES, where the profs build and unpack arguments about the NBA. And don’t sleep on that Drake vs. Durant train.

PLUS: Has Dr. Geoff ever been in a Banana Republic before?

036: Russell Westbrook’s Spooky Orange Napkin
After a humiliating Thunder loss at Golden State, the professors return for a very special Halloween-themed episode.

Fresh on the agenda for today’s episode is what exactly Presti was thinking when he dealt a pick for Jerami Grant, why Russ wore an orange napkin to the Warriors pregame, their biggest surprises so far this season, and whether or not Carmelo Anthony is better than DDR.

Peck and Pane also get sidetracked during a Ricky Rubio/Kriss Dunn conversation into discussing the Fila Grant Hill 2s and LeBron’s infamous Halloween cookies.

PLUS: Did Metta World Peace have sex with ghosts?

035: Basketball Isn’t About Fun, Geoff
Even though Sal’s sickly and under the weather, the professors are back breaking down the first three nights of sweet NBA action.

The guys overreact to opening night and debate whether the Knicks Superteam’s on their way to 0-82, just how vulnerable the Warriors really are, if Embiid’s solidified himself as the Rookie of the Year frontrunner, the ceiling of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and if the new look Bulls are legit.

Then, Geoff introduces ours newest segment–REAL OR DESERT OF THE REAL–before Sal hits him with an All-Star Weekend-inspired FASTBREAK.

Plus: Is LeBron more into pro wrestling or baseball?

034: #Big Sexy Kiwi #All Star
The Tee-Qualizer enthusiast Jadro Traver is back to break down the Thunder’s playoff chances, Draymond Green’s relationship with Steve Kerr, and Steven Adam’s chances to make the All-Star team. Apparently the Phoenix Suns also have a Twitch account.

033: Team Swish Presents Swishmoji
The professors are back swishing and dishing through the NBA preseason.

Listen to Peck and Pane discuss whether the 2016-2017 season is just a soulless march to Cavs/Warriors 3, their thoughts on the Derrick Rose rape allegations, the Rookie of the Year and MVP Vegas odds, the Bulls, Wolves, and the worst team in the NBA.

PLUS: Has Geoff Peck been wearing the same dumb coat since 2006?

032: The Hoosiers Deep Dive, or Keatons on the Featons
It’s a very special episode of THE JABSTEPS as the guys are joined by the writer DAVID JAMES KEATON to deep dive the movie HOOSIERS. But before they get to that, David confronts Sal and Geb about DAVID JAMES KEATON STORY TIME and how they didn’t invite him to go to Vegas.

031: The Jabsteps Fix the Olympics
The professors are back after their summer hiatus to finally discuss the Russell Westbrook extension and what it means for the Oklahoma City Thunder, not to mention Olympian/Warrior Kevin Durant. Speaking of the Olympics, the guys debate whether or not Carmelo Anthony is the greatest basketball Olympian of all time and whether or not Delly should get an honorary gold medal for his heroic performance in USA’s surprisingly close win over Australia.


030: Tales from the Road: Don’t cry for me, Seattle
Sal is live from Jordan Mollot’s living room(?) as the guys recap their Vegas shenanigans and how they celebrated their winnings from the Lesnar fight. There’s summer league discussion as well.

PLUS: Does Pokemon Go signify the impending doom of Western civilization?

029: Tales from the Road: Russ + Who for Jeremy Lamb?
The professors are back with Jadro in Vegas recapping the first day of NBA Summer League, JIMMERMANIA, the Durant trade, and general Vegas hyjinx.

PLUS: What does OKC have to give up to get franchise savior JEREMY LAMB?

028: Tales from the Road: The Jabsteps Make a New Friend
The professors are on the road, and the first stop’s Salt Lake City, Utah–it’s Scranton, with lakes–for NBA Summer League. The guys tell tales from the road, introduce their new furry nemesis, break down the scintillating summer action, and predict where DWade will sign.

Plus: the guys review WCW/NWO Bash at the Beach 1998 KARL MALONE/Diamond Dallas Page vs Dennis Rodman/HOLLYWOOD HULK HOGAN.

Emergency Episode 003: Kevin Durant to the Warriors
Sal Pane joins Geoff Peck in his time of need to discuss Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors.

Does this make KD the biggest villain in the league? How does this affect Russ? Is KD facing more pressure than Bron in Miami? Is there enough alcohol in Las Vegas to keep Dr. Geb and Jadro calm? DID SOMEONE ACTUALLY EXECUTE THE SUPER RARE WRESTLEMANIA 13 BRET HART/STONE COLD DOUBLE TURN?


027: Free Agency Reactions, or EXILE PHIL JACKSON FROM EARTH
Nearly 36 hours after the start of free agency, Peck and Pane return to postmortem the terrible Joakim Noah signing and why Phil Jackson is hellbent on destroying the Knicks, the Mike Conley big paper caper, and the Pacers paying the legendary mobile Al Jefferson.

The profs debate whether or not Bradley Beal is worth 153 million, if Durant owed the Lakers a meeting, and why the Jeremy Lin acquisition makes sense for the BrookLIN Nets.

PLUS: Are the DWade Knicks/Bucks rumors legit?

026: NBA Free Agency Preview
This week, Peck and Pane deep dive the NBA Free Agency period beginning Friday, July 1st. The profs debate whether or not KD signing a one-and-one with OKC is a slam dunk, why the Knicks should go after Omer Asik or Timofey Mozgov instead of Noah or Gasol, who DWade should leave the Miami Mafia for, and how Oladipo affects WAITERS ISLAND.

Once the major players are off the board, the guys branch out to Gucci stores, Harrison Barnes, FINDING NEMO’S BIGGEST FAN, DWIGHT HOWARD, and the perfect destination for NBA CHAMPION OF THE WORLD JR EARL SMITH JR.

PLUS: Jay-Z vs. Nas. Who ya got?

025: So How’s Boston? That Place Is Scranton with Clams (An NBA Draft Recap)
After an eventful Draft, the professors return to break down the Serge Ibaka/Oladipo trade, in addition to Boston’s astoundingly bad night, Kris Dunn’s fall to Minnesota, Boogie’s fire tweets, and all the ankles on display in Brooklyn.

The guys ask whether or not THIBBY should pull the trigger on Jimmy Butler, how much Indiana improved, and why Obama ordered JR Smith to put his shirt back on.

PLUS: Why does Geoff keep bricking his fits?

Emergency Episode 002: Derrick Rose Is a Knick, Or Life Is Meaningless
Why bother?

024: NBA Draft Preview
The NBA Draft is this Thursday, and Peck and Pane have you covered with detailed analysis, comps, and predictions for Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, Kris Dunn, Dragan Bender, Buddy Hield, and Wade Baldwin IV.

After breaking down the individual players, the professors try and figure out what Boston will do with the number three pick and who they might get on the trade market now that they’ve been rebuked by Chi-town, Utah, and the Bucks. The guys guess what the Sixers will do with their own bevy of big men led by the returning Joel “Shirley Temple” Embiid, and whether or not Cleveland is legit shopping Kevin Love days after winning an NBA title.

PLUS: Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, and Félix Guattari!

023: Man, You Know It’s All About Getting One for the Land
The Finals are over, and the professors have returned to break down a historic Game 7 and look ahead to the offseason and THE 2017 NBA FINALS. The guys debate whether or not Draymond’s to blame for the loss, if Kevin Love had ulterior motives for sporting the classic Austin 3:16 shirt and Smoking Skull belt, and whether or not LeBron is the second greatest player in the history of the Association.

Later, the guys talk DRose to the Knicks, KD’s free agency, the looming cap spike, and why Pau Gasol’s freezing his sperm.

PLUS: Why was Geoff banned from Canada?

022: The Greatest Australian Who Ever Lived
Sal joins Geoff from the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria, Canada, and together the guys discuss the suddenly interesting NBA Finals and whether or not Draymond’s suspension was a work or shoot. The profs break down Ezeli’s lack of playing time, whether or not Kerr should start the Death Lineup back in THE LAND, and why the hell Mo Williams is getting burn in the 2016 Finals.


021: The Why Does This Remote Have So Many Buttons VIIs

Web Editor Theresa Beckhusen joins the show to postmortem Game 4 of the NBA Finals and look ahead to Game 5 back in Oakland. The profs and TBecks deep dive the atrocious Curry 2s, #RoniGate, Andrew Bynum drinking a tallboy in The Land, Usher giving daps to Curry and the crew, and the TRUMP SUCKS YouTuber who ran on the court.

Later, Peck and Pane debut a brand new ongoing segment, check in with JR Smith’s Kickstarter, and debate the effects of the Zika Virus on Team USA Basketball.


020: Oklahoma: We Have Cars and Homes Just Like Everyone Else
After a third blowout in a row, the professors are back to complain, moan, and guide each other through existential crises. Peck and Pane break down Macho Man’s greatest promo ever (www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C4lK41SX-Q), NXT Takeover: The End, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Austin Aries, and, oh yeah, the NBA Finals.

The guys ask how much Kevin Love’s absence had to do with Cleveland’s surprising bounce back, if Kyrie’s play is sustainable, when the hell Steph’s going to get going, and if Mark Jackson is a doofus.

PLUS: Did Sal already donate to JR Smith’s reality show Kickstarter?

019: Worst. Finals. Ever?
Peck and Pane return to break down an unwatchable Game 2 of the NBA Finals and look ahead to Game 3 in THE LAND. The guys debate whether or not the NBA and the Cavs failed Kevin Love for not pulling him immediately following his concussion, if Draymond has a legit shot at Finals MVP, if this really is the worst Finals in history, and if the Warriors fans are trash for leaving Game 2 early–SPOILER: they’re trash.

After answering listener questions about historical Banana Boat lineups, the Jabsteps deep dive THE RINGER’s Nike-centric take on Durant’s looming free agency. PLUS: Does Geoff know who Johnny Knoxville is?

018: Shaun Livingston, Finals MVP 
The morning after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Peck and Pane return to give the people what they want: detailed analysis of COACH JEFF HORNACEK’S introductory press conference in New York City.

After salivating over the sheer thought of KP in a high pick and roll, the guys focus their attention on the Finals and what Cleveland needs to do to avoid another blowout in the bay. Should Lue make a major rotation adjustment? Do Kevin Love and Kyrie and the Cavs’ roleplayers simply need to play better? Do the pieces even fit? DID SALVATORE PANE FIND A TRADE TO IMPROVE THE CAVS, CLIPS, CELTICS, AND THE HASHTAG KNICKSTAPE NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS?!

PLUS: What did Drake do in the 6 to finally make Dr. Geb a fan?

017: NBA Finals Preview
The professors are back to preview the NBA Finals and recap where they stand with their OKC Correspondent Jadro Traver on their long promised VEGAS BET. The guys talk Tyrone Lue’s guard rotation, JR Smith’s hoverboard, whether or not Kerr will start Iggy, and if the Houston Rockets could’ve beaten the Hawks, Pistons, and Drakes in a playoff series.

Later, Peck and Pane discuss Paul George nabbing cover honors for NBA 2K17, what they’re looking forward to at Summer League, and how Geb and Jadro can even watch the Finals after OKC’s big Game 7 loss.

PLUS: Does Geb know what VR is? Does Sal know who Keith Urban is?

016: It’s Another Day in Paradise, Kid
A somber Geoff Peck joins Salvatore Pane to scatter ashes on the 2015-2016 Oklahoma Thunder and the Big Sexy Kiwi himself, Mr. Steve Adams.

The guys discuss where it all went wrong, if Klay and Steph are unstoppable, and whether or not Durant scribbling HAVE FUN and SMILE on his sneakers was an omen of everything to come. Topics include who the Thunder should target in the offseason and if Durant should leave OKC for San Antonio, Houston, Miami, Boston, or even Little Latvia.

Later in the show, Peck and Pane answer some listener questions and talk existential pain, anxiety, hormones, the Finals moving to 2-2-1-1-1, and NBA2K 16–A SPIKE LEE JOINT. PLUS: Does Dr. Geb believe in Li’l B’s BASED GOD curse?

015: Why Not?
After a heartbreaking home loss in OKC, Peck and Pane return to determine who’s at fault–Durant and Westbrook or Billy D. The guys breakdown Game 6 and preview Game 7 in the Roarcle while taking a detour to THE SIX to ask what the Raps should do in the offseason and whether or not Riley Curry has a passport. PLUS: Does Geoff know what Mighty No. 9 or the Blockbuster Video Game World Championships are?

014: Little Latvia Rises!
Peck and Pane return to preview Game 6 of the Dubs/Kiwis and discuss whether or not James Harden deserved to make All NBA, if he’ll mesh with D’Antoni, and whether or not Washington should max out Bradley Beal. The guys take a boatload of reader questions and deep dive Drake, Kreayshawn, the Nintendo Entertainment System, Steven Adams’ facial hair, Randy Brown, and more. PLUS: Is #BoshWadeSummer16 totally lame or totally radical?

013: Is LeBron More of a Homer or a Mr. Burns?
This week, Peck and Pane return to analyze the crashing Warriors and answer the following questions:
– Has Billy Donovan been the best coach of the playoffs?
– Are the Warriors doomed?
– Should Kerr play big to counter Ibaka at the 5, Roberson at the 4 lineup?
– What went wrong with Dwane Casey’s Drake strategy?
– Does Geoff know who Selena Gomez is?
– If the final four NBA teams were Simpsons characters, who would they be?
– If the final four NBA teams were writers, who would they be?
– Is Joakim Noah headed for Gotham?
– What the hell is wrong with Paul George?
– Which of these NBA players opened a food truck–ZBo, Chris Bosh, or Tony Parker?

PLUS: How much do we have to pay Geoff to wear his Vandy uni in Vegas?

012: Bron Got Me on Sea Bass
Peck and Pane return to break down Thunder/Warriors and answer the following important questions.
– What kind of mustache wax does Steven Adams use?
– Why did Draymond Green have the worst postseason plus/minus of the last 20 years?
– Can OKC maintain home court and win Game 4?
– Is Dikembe telepathic, or did Adam Silver pay off the Sixers to axe Hinkie?
– What can Boston realistically get with the third pick in the draft?
– Who will the Knicks start at the point next season?
– Does anyone other than Drake care about Cavs/Drakes?
– What did Geoff think of the return of SETH ROLLINS (!) at WWE Extreme Rules?

PLUS: Does Geoff Peck know what tripe is?

EMERGENCY EPISODE 001: Jeff Hornacek Is Coaching the New York Knicks, Baby!
BREAKING NEWS! The Knicks and Phil Jackson have hired Jeff Hornacek as their new Head Coach, not dummy Phil Jackson. Geoff and Sal get on the horn–see what I did there?–for AN EMERGENCY PODCAST!

011: Geb Belly Entertainment Presents: A Steven Adams Update and NBA Draft Lottery Preview!
Peck and Pane recap Warriors/Thunder while looking ahead to Game 2. The guys talk Steven Adams’ +19 performance, Russ’ big third quarter, what Steve Kerr should incorporate for Game 2, and how Steph’s health might affect the series.

After thundering up, the Jabsteps preview tonight’s Draft Lottery including whether or not Knicks fans will riot if Denver gets the number one pick and if Sam Hinkie was actually right.

Finally, the guys try and predict what the Heat might do in the offseason and if there’s anything at all to look forward to in the Eastern Conference Finals. And don’t sleep on our Sherlock Holmes-themed edition of Pop Culture Fastbreak.


010: The Unofficial Official Podcast of Steven Adams, the Big Sexy Kiwi
Peck and Pane reflect on the unbelievable Spurs/Thunder series, including the breakout performances from Steven Adams and Enes Kanter, the future of Timmy and Manu, whether or not Billy D outcoached Pop, and what the hell happened to their favorite Serbian–MR. BOBAN! The guys preview Thunder/Warriors and debate whether or not Kerr should beg Westbrook to take uncontested 3s, if OKC’s big lineup can work against Golden State’s lineup of death, and when Steven Adams will rack up his first technical.

PLUS: Was Dwight’s interview with Chuck and the Jet all a conspiracy?

And don’t forget, answers to listener questions about KD’s acne and more.

009: Dr. Geb Needs a New Suit
This week, Peck and Pane preview the best-of-three Spurs/Thunder series while mourning the loss of MY NAME IS JONAS and Hassan Whiteside over in Miami/Drakes. The guys debate whether the Cavs can go 12-0 en route to the NBA Finals and whether or not Richard Jefferson’s snap of Bron driving a Kia was a work or shoot. PLUS: Sal’s wife and The Jabsteps’ Web Editor Theresa Beckhusen joins the guys to talk WWE, her weird obsession with THE LIFE OF PABLO PRIGIONI, and why Geoff absolutely needs to buy a new suit.

008: Views from Loud City
Peck and Pane are once again joined by their special OKC correspondent–Mr. Jadro Traver–to preview Game 3 of Spurs/Thunder in addition to Heat/Drakes and Cavs/Buds. The guys argue about big market fans’ obsession with hypothetical trades and small market fans’ hang up with “homegrown” superstars. PLUS: Ashley Traver joins the show to run some suicides and discuss the hottest NBA player in the league and what Durant needs to do to clear up his acne.

007: Thunder Down
After a tough weekend of Oklahoma City basketball, Geoff Peck returns to eat crow and ponder the future of backpack enthusiast Kevin Durant. Co-Host Salvatore Pane lumps this tirade in with the THREE ANGRIEST MOMENTS OF GEOFF PECK’S LIFE, before the guys break down Heat/Raptors, Warriors/Blazers, and look ahead to the summer Olympics and Charlotte’s upcoming free agency choices. The guys blast Kurt Rambis over forbidding KING KRISTAPS PORZINGIS from representing Latvia in Rio and take a dump on Space Jam and the newly announced Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. PLUS: PECK DISCOVERS TWITCH!

006: Farewell, Breakfast Defector!
Peck and Pane preview the long-awaited Spurs/Thunder series and try to figure out what the hell Boston might do with its 54 draft picks and how Houston can make things easier on the Breakfast Defector during the offseason. The guys ponder the David Lynchian horrors of the TNT studio show and whether or not Milwaukee should max out Giannis. PLUS: Geoff and Carmelo Anthony learn a valuable lesson about LEMONADE.

005: Are the Clippers Cursed? or THE LIFE OF PABLO!
Peck and Pane ask if the Warriors can survive without the MVP, whether or not DeMar DeRozan is hurting his free agency stock, and why Frank Kaminsky is still a bum. In the second half, they welcome professor and Clippers super fan Chris Santiago to talk curses and what LA might do in the offseason. PLUS: The debut of our latest segment–DID STEVEN ADAMS GET PUNCHED LAST NIGHT?

Peck and Pane break down Friday’s NBA Playoff games on a special Saturday edition. The guys discuss Thibs’ new job, where James Harden fits in the NBA player rankings, and Brad Stevens fanboys. PLUS: Dissertation defenses, Hemorrhoid Pillows, and March Madness 2004 for PlayStation 2.

003: Raymond Felton and the Legend of the Las Vegas TeeQualizer
Peck and Pane welcome Special OKC Correspondent Jadro Traver to recap the first weekend of playoff games and the ascension of the otherworldly Raymond Felton. The guys talk Frank Kaminsky’s disappointing playoff debut, how the media approaches KD versus Russ, and whether or not they should get matching crying Jordan tattoos in Vegas. PLUS: A special investigation of the Pacers’ laughable playoff ticket prices.

002: Kobe, 73, Plus a First Round Playoff Preview
Hosts Geoff Peck and Sal Pane break down the mockery that was Kobe’s final game, in addition to the Warriors transforming Michael Jordan into a living crying meme. PLUS: A Playoff Preview highlighting what it costs to rock floral print KD7 sneakers from eBay at your wedding.

001: Regular Season Wrap-Up
Buckle up as hosts Geoff Peck and Sal Pane wrap up the NBA regular season with a look at some teams not headed to the playoffs including the Knicks, Kings, and Bulls, not to mention some PURE FIRE TAKES on KING VINCE CARTER, JD and the Straight Shot, and Sammy Hinkie. PLUS: Sal discusses Ubering to Urgent Care with the stomach flu.

Announcing THE JABSTEPS: A Series Preview
We’re stoked to announce THE JABSTEPS, a new NBA podcast by diehard hoop heads who also happen to be English professors.